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I have two teenage children, and I am often away for business meetings, and I leave them alone in the house most of the time. Recently, I have become pretty concerned about what they might be doing when I am not at home, and I want to try to monitor their actions to some extent. I am hoping to look into cctv kits for installing a closed circuit television system in your house, as that seems to be the best way to figure out if anything bad is happening when I am away. I would be very upset if they were abusing my trust in them, and I would have to make arrangements for them to stay under the supervision of someone that I trusted during future business trips.

I do not want that to happen, so hopefully, after installing a camera in the house, I won’t actually find any evidence of wrongdoing. I really hope that will be the case, and I have actually prayed for it. (more…)

Swallow Falls Tour (Llangollen, Betws-y-Coed & Swallow Falls)When my fiance and I first started discussing our wedding plans, we were going to get married at a local church and have our reception nearby. That changed though when I visited a park that is in a neighboring town for a friend’s own wedding. It was my first time there, and I really fell in love with the setting. I knew I wanted to get married there, and our pastor agreed to perform the ceremony there. The next thing I did was look up information about a coach hire in Bristol. (more…)

My uncle got me into horse racing. Not the betting part but the actual racing part. He is a member of one of the best horse racing syndicates in the UK. I got started soon after I got my first job as an adult. I like horse racing. There is a certain excitement to it that surpasses all of the other sports. The competition is actually fierce. The horses and the jockeys are the athletes, and they both have status among the fans in the same way footballers do. Thought the fan base for the sport might be a bit smaller than it is for some of the other sports, it is still quite popular.

Horse racing and Britain seem to go together. It is a gentleman’s sport if there ever was one. It has some very specific and long enduring traditions from the tracks to specific races to celebration of the wins. Even the naming of the horses follows a tradition. (more…)

I have sort of started early on the Christmas list this year. My nieces are getting to be young ladies and their Mom says that they can start wearing real jewellery now. Of course you do not let little girls run around with diamonds unless you are incredibly wealthy or something. I have been looking around and I think that I have found a bargain price on a couple of Swarovski elements jewellery necklaces. My wife thought they were a great gift for the girls and that was enough for me. I definitely want to try to whittle the Christmas list down before it gets to the fourth quarter on me. Last year I let the time slip past me and it was not as though I had that much time for shopping. The Christmas season is always a very busy time for us at the office, for a variety of reasons. So we need to try to get on the shopping now before it gets busy.

Of course my boys are easy to shop for. (more…)

I found a website that has a bunch of cool clothes and clothing accessories. I like to wear skirt wraps and crop tops over my tanks and some pants. They have really cool iridescent skirt wraps and crop tops. The skirts are full length. They have a bunch of other see through skirt designs made to wear over another layer of clothing underneath. I got all of it at the DryCry website. They have a nice line of color accessories too. They also have jumpers and dresses.

I found a neat little black dress made after the ones very popular in the 1990s. I bought a lace crop top and a cobweb jumper too. If you like airy open fashion layers to wear over your other bottom layers, this is the place to look. Where else are you going to find a crimp choker with a test tube pendant? These are unique street fashions that are right up my alley. (more…)

I have not decided on whether or not I am going to do it or not, but at some point this week I am going to go talk to a Canary wharf personal trainer. Obviously it is probably better that way if you have a real time problem as I do. In fact I am not sure that I am going to be able to keep a scheduled appointment. These people have rules and the one thing that they like is for you to show up when you are supposed to be there, and in fact they prefer that you be a bit early according to what it says on the web page. (more…)

I had to call up one of those places that clones lost car keys today. It was not as though I had a choice. Last night Jane took off to see her Mom in South Carolina. She was probably almost there by the time I started trying to figure out what I had done with my car keys. After a bit I called her up and asked her if she was using my keys. In fact she was not, but I had left my keys in her car. I had taken it to get it serviced yesterday. (more…)

I would like to get a race horse trained in the near future, but I have a fear that it is going to be quite expensive. I guess that it is worth it, because if you are going to own a horse that is in races, then you might as well be serious about it, and I intend to be quite serious about this matter. So I am going to try to find racehorse trainers that have a great history of making champions out of their horses.

Ever since Secretariat, there has been a steep decline in the results of artificial selection on the speed of thoroughbred horses. (more…)

Okay, so I had no idea that my mum could actually scream that loud. I thought I heard the full capacity of her vocal chords and lungs when I did jump off of that bridge somebody dared me to that time we were visiting the cabin at the lake. This time the vocalization came because I took me mum skydiving in the UK. She went in tandem with her instructor first. That Doppler effect of the scream dissipating as she flew away with the instructor out the door of the plane was caught on video. I should post it and monetize it to make money! It would certainly go viral.

I tried to sound a bit more manly when it was my turn. I think this is why guys have shouted things such as “Geronimo!” when they do something wild. (more…)

project website www urenio org intervalue project budget overall ...I was thinking about this after my uncle louis told this joke. He was talking about how all of the young people today have tattoos and how silly they were going to look when they were sixty five years old and their skin started sagging. The actual joke is a bit crude, but easy to guess. It got me to thinking about how big tattoos are and that soon you might be able to make money removing them. I started looking into it. The obvious thing would be to find cosmetic laser machines for sale at a reasonable price and then figure out how to safely operate them. You would want to sort out any legal or liability issues. (more…)

  1. I have a data project in my prob and stats class and I need some help interpreting it. I’ve already collected all of the data. Can someone please help me understand it better? And what is a p value? (My answer will be written in an essay) Thanks!
    Heres the question…
    Ask 100 randomly selected students if they most closely resemble their mother or their father. Evolutionary psychologists suggest that people are more likely to say that a child resembles the father- apparently so that the father will be more likely to protect and care for the child. For each gender, test the hypothesis that p=0.5. Construct a confidence interval for the population mean by gender and for the entire sample. Does the hypothesis of p=0.5 fall into your intervals? What generalizations can you make from your data and what factors could have influenced your results?

    Answer by freond1
    p is the usual symbol for probability. You don’t quite say it, but it appears that you are investigating the probability that someone will say they resemble their father. A hypothesis of p=0.5 says 1/2 will say they resemble their father.

    If you think that more than half will say that, you might have an hypothesis that p = 0.6, e.g.

  2. And if P/E ratios are not the most important than what is EPS if so what number or numbers is good for EPS or is it something else that’s important i want to know how to do the best stock research.

    Answer by Delivuk
    The average P/E on the stock market is 15. However, you need to know a lot more, such as what industry or business the stock is in. Tech stocks command a higher P/E than banks do. Compare the P/E to that of other stocks in the same industry.

    You must also ask if the P/E has been going down over the past several years. Companies that have higher growth rates have higher P/E ratios than low growth companies. Earnings Per Share is a measure of the total net income divided by the number of shares. This is useful, but a hundred dollar stock with an EPS of $ 2.00 has the save earnings percentage as as a $ 50 stock with a EPS of $ 1.00. I recommend you read Benjamin Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor to gain a basic understanding of how to use these ratios.

  3. Would love to find an old Lockheed P-38 “Lightning” for me and my father to restore to flight status. Would be expensive, for sure. But it would be a dream come true.

    Answer by allawishes
    there not to many out their bone yard probably picked clean check sales list

  4. P(0,-4); L:2y=X
    thank you.

    Answer by TomV
    L: x – 2y = 0

    Parallel line: x – 2y = C
    C = 0-2*(-4) = 8
    x – 2y = 8

    Perpendicular line: 2x + y = C
    C = 0 + (-4) = -4
    2x + y = -4

    Parallel line is: x-2y=8
    Perpendicular line is: 2x+y= -4

My back feels terrible. It hurts every day, and it takes me 15 minutes to work up the courage to get out of bed. It just hurts so much to get out of bed, and I am so stiff in the morning. I need to like inject myself with morphine when I wake up, or better yet, have a robot to automatically do so like 15 minutes before I wake up. That would make life better, but since that is not a realistic option, I am going to find chiropractors in Devizes because that seems a bit more of a realistic option than getting a robot that injects me with opiates. I am just saying. The latter option would be nice though, maybe when I am older, that will be a reality. At least, wishful thinking does not hurt.

I am going to try to figure out these things and see if I can get a chiropractor to fix my back. I can't imagine living out the rest of my life in this sort of pain. I am going to try to figure out if that is possible to fix my back, but I don't know things about what is actually wrong with my back in the first place. So that makes it a bit hard to figure out how to these things and if I have a good chance of getting better.

I should stop worrying about it on my own, and just wait to have someone tell me what is wrong with my back and if it can be fixed. I am going to pray all day in the hopes that it will be something that can get better, because at the moment, the pain is already starting to get to the point where it might drive me crazy.

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I have recently been hearing a great deal about White Label SEO so I decided to give it a shot, speaking with Paul over at the programs website who helped me with all the questions that I had - of which there were many! I decided that while White Label wasn't going to be for me it certainly stood as a program that I would tell friends and customers about since it stood as one the more organized Search Engine Optimization businesses out on the web currently. If you're in the industry then you know first hand just how difficult it can be to find reliable sources for SEO.

It's a shame but ever since Google activated their Panda Filter which was designed to block access to content they deemed unacceptable, a lot of innocent blogs and other sites have been denied access via their search engines. I find it incredible that Google can actually do this. In my opinion this is giving them far too much power over the web, allowing them to censor it in ways that should not be possible by a company. They should have absolutely no control over what is seen or not seen on the web.

I understand that it is their search engine and the quality of the content they want represented but should that not be decided by the users of the web? It's ridiculous to believe that they do not think people are capable of policing it themselves. I feel like they are attempting to ensure that they control the advertising market through within their own infrastructure. Yet because of this many consumers and users of Google are losing out on the money that they should be able to make. It's ridiculous but I do believe they will be forced to make changes soon.

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I don't really have a lot of valuable things that I leave around my house, but that doesn't mean that everyone knows that too. Since I am away on business a lot, that means that my house is often left without anyone in it for days at a time. It would be easy enough for people with bad intentions to figure this out, so I wanted to be able to protect myself as much as I could. I figured the best way to do that would be to look at CCTV kits. I know that just seeing a security camera is a major deterrent for criminals, and I wanted them to know that I was able to monitor their activity should they break into my home.

They would not get much if they decided to, but that is not the point. I would still feel violated, and I wanted to do what I could to make sure that did not happen. I was able to find a website that sells a variety of different kits to set up security cameras around the perimeter of my home. I knew that I wanted more than just one camera since I have three doors that lead from the outside into my home.

I wanted to have each one monitored, which meant that I had to get a kit that had at least three cameras in it. It was easy to order, and the kit was delivered quickly to my home. It was easy to install, even though I have never installed anything like this before. The guide that came with the kit was extremely easy to understand, and I was able to start monitoring my home within hours of the kit being delivered. I do feel a lot better knowing that this is going to make anyone with bad intentions have second thoughts once they see the cameras.

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If you've had sex while you've had a yeast infection, your partner will need to be treated too. You can constantly trade the infection between the two of you. If one of you has the infection, using condoms can prevent your partner from getting it. In order to prevent yeast infections from occurring, try to eat one cup of yogurt everyday. Yogurt contains Continue To Persist Browsing
Remember that your offline presence also affects your online reputation. This is generally the start of your reputation. People will trust you more if you provide good customer service, offer good products and services, and maintain good relationships with your customer base. Happy customers generally will not post bad reviews, so do what you can to keep Continue To Persist Browsing
If you are planning on getting a new puppy, plan on investing in some training classes. These classes offer a great opportunity for your puppy to socialize with other dogs and learn basic commands. These classes will provide your new puppy with a great foundation for future training and will help them get a great start in life.Your dog needs to be secured Continue To Persist Browsing

We have been discussing this vacation for quite a long time actually. It is going to be the first part of our retirement. In fact we are thinking that at some point we might just sell our house and go vagabond for a couple of years. The house is not very useful for us if we are traveling the world obviously. In fact we have a very large piece of property, a five bedroom house on close to six acres of prime real estate. Right at the moment we are looking at going to a Paros bed and breakfast for a couple of months, although not so much meaning that we are going to be staying there for the entire period. Rather we are thinking of finding a nice place to use as a base from which we can travel. I am thinking that if the weather is good we can rent a small sail boat and use it for a place to stay. Continue To Persist Browsing

Avoid the debacle of twisted and tangled necklaces by utilizing decorative hooks like those used for hanging robes. Attach the hooks in accessible areas of your bedroom or closet, and drape necklaces across them in compatible groups. This will keep them untangled, and it looks nice as well.The stone is an important part of a piece of jewelry so should Continue To Persist Browsing
Question any potential injury attorney about their trial experience. There are some lawyers who are great at settling out of court, but don't have enough courtroom experience. Before you choose an attorney, find out if he falls into that category. This will be important information that will help you make an informed decision.Who is responsible for your Continue To Persist Browsing