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Okay, so I had no idea that my mum could actually scream that loud. I thought I heard the full capacity of her vocal chords and lungs when I did jump off of that bridge somebody dared me to that time we were visiting the cabin at the lake. This time the vocalization came because I took me mum skydiving in the UK. She went in tandem with her instructor first. That Doppler effect of the scream dissipating as she flew away with the instructor out the door of the plane was caught on video. I should post it and monetize it to make money! It would certainly go viral.

I tried to sound a bit more manly when it was my turn. I think this is why guys have shouted things such as “Geronimo!” when they do something wild.


I don’t really have a lot of valuable things that I leave around my house, but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows that too. Since I am away on business a lot, that means that my house is often left without anyone in it for days at a time. It would be easy enough for people with bad intentions to figure this out, so I wanted to be able to protect myself as much as I could. I figured the best way to do that would be to look at CCTV kits. I know that just seeing a security camera is a major deterrent for criminals, and I wanted them to know that I was able to monitor their activity should they break into my home.

They would not get much if they decided to, but that is not the point. (more…)

project website www urenio org intervalue project budget overall ...I was thinking about this after my uncle louis told this joke. He was talking about how all of the young people today have tattoos and how silly they were going to look when they were sixty five years old and their skin started sagging. The actual joke is a bit crude, but easy to guess. It got me to thinking about how big tattoos are and that soon you might be able to make money removing them. I started looking into it. The obvious thing would be to find cosmetic laser machines for sale at a reasonable price and then figure out how to safely operate them. You would want to sort out any legal or liability issues. (more…)

  1. I have a data project in my prob and stats class and I need some help interpreting it. I’ve already collected all of the data. Can someone please help me understand it better? And what is a p value? (My answer will be written in an essay) Thanks!
    Heres the question…
    Ask 100 randomly selected students if they most closely resemble their mother or their father. Evolutionary psychologists suggest that people are more likely to say that a child resembles the father- apparently so that the father will be more likely to protect and care for the child. For each gender, test the hypothesis that p=0.5. Construct a confidence interval for the population mean by gender and for the entire sample. Does the hypothesis of p=0.5 fall into your intervals? What generalizations can you make from your data and what factors could have influenced your results?

    Answer by freond1
    p is the usual symbol for probability. You don’t quite say it, but it appears that you are investigating the probability that someone will say they resemble their father. A hypothesis of p=0.5 says 1/2 will say they resemble their father.

    If you think that more than half will say that, you might have an hypothesis that p = 0.6, e.g.

  2. And if P/E ratios are not the most important than what is EPS if so what number or numbers is good for EPS or is it something else that’s important i want to know how to do the best stock research.

    Answer by Delivuk
    The average P/E on the stock market is 15. However, you need to know a lot more, such as what industry or business the stock is in. Tech stocks command a higher P/E than banks do. Compare the P/E to that of other stocks in the same industry.

    You must also ask if the P/E has been going down over the past several years. Companies that have higher growth rates have higher P/E ratios than low growth companies. Earnings Per Share is a measure of the total net income divided by the number of shares. This is useful, but a hundred dollar stock with an EPS of $ 2.00 has the save earnings percentage as as a $ 50 stock with a EPS of $ 1.00. I recommend you read Benjamin Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor to gain a basic understanding of how to use these ratios.

  3. Would love to find an old Lockheed P-38 “Lightning” for me and my father to restore to flight status. Would be expensive, for sure. But it would be a dream come true.

    Answer by allawishes
    there not to many out their bone yard probably picked clean check sales list

  4. P(0,-4); L:2y=X
    thank you.

    Answer by TomV
    L: x – 2y = 0

    Parallel line: x – 2y = C
    C = 0-2*(-4) = 8
    x – 2y = 8

    Perpendicular line: 2x + y = C
    C = 0 + (-4) = -4
    2x + y = -4

    Parallel line is: x-2y=8
    Perpendicular line is: 2x+y= -4

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